About Us

The Oscars

Oscar V is cool kid. He enjoys school and excels at math.

He fun to play soccer and basketball with, but you better watch out if you play Smash Brothers with this guy.

Little O has game.



Husband to Michelle and father to Chloe, Cora & Oscar V, he is a Visual and Web Designer.

Oscar enjoys family time, running, soccer and most any other outdoor activity.




Husband to Jill and father to Oscar IV and Larae, he is an Insurance Agent and former Marine.

Oscar loves his 7 grandkids He and goes wakeboarding year-round.



Husband to Nadine and father to Oscar III and Barb, he owned a refrigerator repair business.

Oscar was a merchant marine.

He preferred to go by Bob.



Husband to Arlene and fathers Oscar II, Josephine, Arlene and Dave I, we owned a lumbermill and was later a farmer.

He served in the Army in WWI.

He was originally Oscar Larson.




Of Us

  • Soccer

    Game day for Oscar. Oscar and Oscar coached Oscar.

  • Hotdogs

    No Bologna these Hot Dogs were having some fun having some fun at the Renton to Renton Car Show.

  • Semper Fi

    III proudly served our country as a Marine in the late 60s.

  • Myre Family

    Back row: Dave I, Oscar III, Oscar I, Oscar II Front row: Dave II and Barb I

  • The King of the Wake

    Grandpa O just another day on the water.

    This day was 34 degrees.