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Oscar Myre

one name. many men.

meet them
Oscar 3

Oscar 3

Husband, father and proud grandfather of 7.
insurance agent, emeritus national soccer referee, rainier climber, hot rodder, marine, wakeboarder, tough mudder & dirty dasher

Oscar 4

Oscar 4

Father of 3 great kids.
ux designer with world vision, christian, coach, geek, runner, soccer player, rainier climber, mohawkan, tough mudder & dirty dasher

Oscar 5

Oscar 5

The best Oscar yet!
son, soccer player, basketball player, video gamer, pop corn gobbler, brother, inner tuber, reader, chess player & dirty dasher

The originals

back row
David 1
Oscar 3
Oscar 1
Oscar 2

front row
David 2
Barb 1

No Bologna

Oscar Myre lives here.  These guys might be hot dogs, and they are related to the Oscar Myre—no bologna.

They Spelt Our Name Wrong

Oscar 1 was  born Oscar Larson.  Unfortunately, there were multiple guys with the same name in Minnesota.  The post masters were repeatedly messing up his mail so he changed his last name.

He was born in the US, but his family originally from
Myrehagen, Drammen, Norway

He became the first Oscar Myre.

We are not Grouchy

We like our name.
People often mis-spell it, but they rarely forget it.

More of the Family

We are related to these people.  Whoever they are.


Our Latest News

Run Report #3 – Welcome winter rain!

Run Report #3 – Welcome winter rain!

28 Dec , 2017   In the News

Volunteers Brian Thompson, Ryan McIrvan and Dorian Colling were huddled over a phone Saturday morning, comparing notes with serious tones: “It’s coming.” “It’s almost here.” “I wasn’t expecting it until after 10.” With parkrunners already on the trail, the clouds gathered and grew darker, and the finish line volunteers braced for impact. “It’s happening again.” In Seattle, weather watching is a […]

ParkRun Report #2 – Building our parkrun Community

ParkRun Report #2 – Building our parkrun Community

4 Dec , 2017   In the News

“I brought some friends!” As volunteer Rob Gubas joined the crew assembled at our gathering spot, he introduced a father and son duo. “Hi, we’re Oscar 3 & 4,” said the son, pointing to his Dad, then himself. “Welcome to parkrun! How do you know Rob?” asked Co-Event Director, Kortney Thoma. With a grin on his face, Rob interjected, “Oh, we just met in the […]

Oscar Myre passes on the tradition

Oscar Myre passes on the tradition

14 May , 2014   In the News

Three generations of Oscar Myres get together for a photo at Oscar V’s first soccer game, coached by Oscar III and IV. (And yes, they won.) By Joe Grove news@isspress.com Singer Shirley Ellis introduced the country to “The Name Game” with her “Bonana fanna fo” rime scheme designed to turn any name into a poem. […]