No Hot Dog In Oscar Myre

5 Apr , 1993 In the News


Even with his hairdo, this Oscar Myre is no hot dog.

Laugh at his hair, or nis name, and Myre laughs with you. Line up next to him on the track, and he runs away from you. He’s no wienie there, either.

Oscar Robert Myre IV is the fastest middle-distance runner Liberty High School of Issaquah has ever had and one of the best in the Seamount League. He recently ran the 800 in 2:02.5, eclipsing the school record of 2:02.6 set in 1984. He set the 400-meter record of 49.7 late last year and has clocked a 50.8 already this season. He has gone 23.2 in the 200 and 11.3 in the 100, despite his always-slow start.

And Myre is as quick with a smile as he is on the track. He likes to have a good time, especially with his hair. Most school days, it looks fairly “normal,” depending on your standard. The sides and back are shaved, but the six-inch top spills across and down.

The day of a track meet, however, there are six-inch spikes, styled by classmate Jeff Barber and held in place by gelatin and egg whites.

“When I was in seventh and eighth grades, I had weird hairstyles,” Myre said. “I had it shaved and bleached. Last year, I had `400′ shaved on the back of my head. I always get my hair cut the night before a meet.”

Mom and Dad don’t mind. In fact, Dad – Oscar Myre III – used to do the styling.

“People used to say I must be doing it to be rebellious,” Oscar IV said. “That has nothing to do with it. I like to do weird things with my hair. People said I must hate my parents to do that. Well, my parents cut it. It’s just fun. My parents said if that’s the only thing they could complain about, they were real happy with that.”

His opponents have had fun with it, too.

“It’s always been, `What’s Oscar going to do next?’ ” said Myre, who carries a 3.2 grade-point average.

Liberty Coach Dave Licari said he doesn’t even notice the weird hairstyles any more.

“He’s such a nice kid,” Licari said. “A lot of kids that good who did that, other teams would think he was trying to be cocky. But he’s a super kid. Everyone likes him. People don’t look at it that way.”

Newcomers sometimes greet Myre with a stare, but he doesn’t mind.

“If I can live with the name Oscar Myre, I can live with people staring at my hair,” he said. “Nothing can really get to me.”

Myre, the older of two children, admits he used to be sensitive about his name, but quickly outgrew it.

“I have a lot of fun with it now,” he said. “There’s no escaping from your name. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Myre would like to win a state championship or two next month, then make a run at a Division III college. He was disappointed with his performance at last year’s state meet, when he placed seventh in the 400.

“I just couldn’t get my head together,” he said.

Myre didn’t run track as a freshman, opting instead for soccer, which he still plays at the club level. Now track is his first love.

“I like the individual part of it,” he said. “You go out, and no matter what anyone else does, I can win it or I can lose it. It’s all on my shoulders.”

Myre built toward his senior season by running three to four miles a day, six days a week.

“This year, I really dedicated myself to track,” he said. “I wanted to get in big-time shape to see what I can do.”

Licari had to force him to take two weeks off in December. Then Myre pushed himself too hard too early when track turnouts started and had to sit out five days with a tight calf muscle. But he was ready to go when the Seamount League season opened, and his 2:02.5 is the league’s best 800 time. His goal is to break two minutes in the 800 and 49 seconds in the 400.

And, of course, to keep coming up with fun haircuts.

———————————————————— . SEAMOUNT PERFORMERS TO WATCH. . Name, year School Specialty. . Donovan Bell, sr. Hazen throwing events. . Travis Coddington, soph. Renton throwing events. . Brian Cooper, sr. Kennedy throwing (6th discus,.

’92 state). . Karl Cordes, sr. Mount Rainier throwing events. . Jeff Crow, sr. Mount Si sprints, javelin. . Kyle Dorsey, sr. Kennedy hurdles (3rd 300 lh; 5th.

110 hh ’92 state). . Gunnar Ekenman, sr. Mount Rainier throwing events. . Leland Gayles, soph. Kennedy sprints, 400 (5th.

400, ’92 state). . Nathan Gregory, sr. Lindbergh middle distances. . Ivory Harris, jr. Renton sprints. . Malcom Hay, soph. Evergreen jumps. . Breck Ivy, soph. Highline jumps. . Quinh Lu, sr. Mount Rainier pole vault. . Andy Martin, sr. Mount Rainier distances. . Azeez Messiah, sr. Renton jumps. . Oscar Myre, sr. Liberty sprints and middle.

distances. . Tim Paxton, sr. Lindbergh pole vault. . Mike Pellechia, jr. Kennedy pole vault. . Rex Prescott, sr. Kennedy sprints (1st in 100.

at ’92 state). . Abduhl Rahman, soph. Lindbergh hurdles, jumps. . Jacob Reeder, sr. Tyee sprints. . Chris Rigoni, sr. Kennedy javelin. . Nick Rogers Mount Si distances. . Damian Schug, jr. Kennedy jumps. . Tim Sherry, sr. Kennedy middle distances. . Nick Simon Mount Si high jump. . Phil Stevens, jr. Mount Si javelin. . John Trollope, soph. Kennedy javelin. . Trevor VanDaAcker, sr. Kennedy sprints. . Brant Williams Mount Rainier sprints, jumps.

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