Insurance agent Oscar Myre of Renton has that wiener guy beat

26 Mar , 2009 In the News

Insurance agent Oscar Myre of Renton has that wiener guy beat

This Oscar Myre sells insurance, not wieners.

He’s Norwegian, not German.

He shares his name with four others. Can the wiener guy claim that? Actually, no. He comes up short by one.

And, Renton’s Oscar Myre is going to be on Channel 5’s Evening Magazine Wednesday night. Oscar Mayer can’t claim that, either.

Oscar Myre talked recently with a reporter and a cameraman for Evening Magazine who are doing a series of stories on “Weird Business Names.” Myre said Monday he has no idea what’s going to finally air.

But he sure had fun doing the interview, just as they’ve had fun over the years with a household name, even though it’s spelled differently.

Joining Oscar the Third, 62, for the filming was his son Oscar the Fourth, father of 3-month-old Oscar the Fifth. The two newest Oscars live in Longview. The Fourth, 34, is a graduate of Liberty High School.

Oscar the Third jokes that his seventh grandchild is unemployed, but they’re looking for a job for him.

Oscar the Fourth has a favorite name for his son, says grandpa Oscar.

“He calls him Version 5,” says Oscar the Third. That seems natural for a techie. His son is a Web and graphic designer.

Oscar the Third and wife Jill were certain they would name their son Oscar. They left it up to their son and his wife Michelle to decide whether to keep the family link going.

He says he told them, “Guys, don’t talk to me about it. You two sort it out.”

Thus was born Oscar the Fifth at Christmastime. They also have two daughters.

But the Fifth created a slight problem. Grandpa was always Big O and his son was always Little O. With the arrival of the Fifth, family now calls him Little O.

“I almost got a tear in my eyes,” says the Farmers Insurance agent in insurance claims los angeles, who started his business 30 years ago visit for more.

Now, his son is Big O, leaving him with, say, O O.


The segment on Oscar Myer family will air at 7 p.m. Wednesday on King 5 TV’s Evening Magazine.

Original article by Dean Radford of the Renton Reporter.

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